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Micromind Chequebook Manager - Product Information 

Micromind Chequebook Manager helps you organize, print and manage your cheques easily. You can select between available cheque templates or you can easily design your own template to match your cheques design and format in a minute.

You can also track your payees and expenses that your issue the cheques for. Easy to use reports inform you of issued cheques, payees and expense categories by just clicking a button.

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Note: If you are using 64 bit windows, you may need to download and install Microsoft Access Database Engine. Please download and install the engine if you face problem in database connection.

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Why to use Micromind Chequebook Manager
Cheque payment is a very common method of payment in all businesses. The way your write your cheques has a great effect on your company image. Printing a cheque with a cheque printing software instead of hand writing give a more professional image of your company to your customers.

Benefits of using Micromind Chequebook Manager for Your Company

  • Professional Image: By printing a cheque instead of hand writing, your cheques look more professional and have a great impact your customers.

  • Prevent Theft: Cheque amount, date and payee would be clearly printed and all empty spaces will be closed. Therefore, printed cheques are less subject to change the amount or other cheque details.

  • No More Mistake: You wont have any more mistake in the payee name or amount in words.

  • Auto Amount In Words: Amount In Words is automatically filled based on the cheque amount and enclosed with star sign and there would be no extra space to change or add new words.

  • Auto Stamp: You can easily stamp your cheques with "ACC PAYEE ONLY" and "NON NEGOTIABLE" on the printout.

  • Save Your Cheque Stubs: Cheque stubs will be automatically saved for your future reference. You can search within the cheque stubs for all issued or void cheques.

  • Finding Cheques: Easy and powerful search tools enable you to search and find a cheque with full details.

  • Track Payees: You can easily track the payees that you issue the cheques.

  • Save Time: Save time by organizing your cheques. You do not need to waste your time searching in your cheque stubs for a cheque. Find it easily in a second.

  • Print Payment Voucher: Payment vouchers can be printed for the cheque to get signed by the payee.


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Recommended Printer
Micromind Chequebook manager can work with any printer. However we recommend to use a small printer that we have already tested and does not cause paper jam.

We recommend
:  Epson Stylus C91

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